Here's update #6.

This update is a little bigger than the last one as I managed to spend more time on it than last week.  This update brings the following:
  • added group creation, loading and saving.
    • This bit is anothet little preparation work for the groups that will offer work and control planets.
  •  added new crew personality.
    • This is an expansion from the feature added in the previous version, this time I delived into hilarious world of gangster.
  • added check button to switch off tutorial text
    • Not the biggest feature in the world but needed to clear away the pink text if you get sick of it.
  • added planetary dilemas.
    • This is the probably one of the last major features to be added.  This is the feature that will drive the story element of the game.  The idea is that these big decision points will push you through a set of selected planets.  You don't have to take on the quests, but if you don't you won't be able to influence how the story pans out.  Right now, these not much in the way of plot, I just wanted to get the base feature in so that the next version can expand it.
  • changed scanner image.
    • This was to give the scanner a bit more life as the moving circle didn't quite cut it.
  •  removed new transmision messages from start of game.
    • This was just a little tidy up as the messages annoyed me. 
  • animated the unknown symbol
    • Like the scanner image, this just gave the sprite a bit more life.

I also fixed a few bugs:

  • fixed bug with mouse pointer being offset from the tip.
  • fixed bug with the parts' hit box being offset by 50% in the height.
  • corrected crew speech when referencing probe or ring names.


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Sep 15, 2017

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