The 2nd of the weekly updates is out.  The change log for this update is as follows:

  • // 2017.08.07 - removed unused resource icons from ring screen.
    • I may add these resources back into the game at some point, but right now I think they just overly complicate the resource systems.
  • // 2017.08.07 - added irridium energy cell part.
    • I'm aiming to add at least one new part each week.
  • // 2017.08.07 - changed how global stats are loaded/saved
    • This is so XP can be retained through each play through.  I want XP to be retained as later I want to restrict which parts you can start with based on your global XP.
  • // 2017.08.07 - fixed error with bullets already existing when starting new game
  • // 2017.08.08 - added windowed mode option
    • This allows me to capture the game for videos, etc. hence i now have some video game-play to show.
  • // 2017.08.08 - added player xp
    • For reasons explained above.  You don't see your running XP total and it is not linked to any bonus system within the play-through, but at the start of each new play-through you should see the available build-points increase.  You gain XP for each day you survive, for each object you defeat, destroy and capture and every planet orbited.
  • // 2017.08.09 - added science icon to screen
    • I added an upgrade system into this version such that every 100 science points you can upgrade a part's stats randomly.  I may not stay with the random upgrade system, but in this initial version it's random
  • // 2017.08.11 - added feature to upgrade parts by dragging science icon over desired part for random bonus.
    • As explained above you can now improve your existing parts to improve your ship.  I want to expand it to crew members too, but that will be for next week.


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Aug 12, 2017

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