Aspromised Update#4 is here and here's the change log explained:

  • corected crew text width
    • The text on the crew conversionations was extending off the screen - it's now fixed.
  • added crew chat
    • One of the main features I wanted in this game was to have a crew that would talk to you.  Not just to facilitate plot movement or trigger quests, but also just to have random banter.  Since you have to spend so long time with these people in the game I felt the game really needs a way for the player to bond with them and not just via quests.  So far I've only scripted two personalities and these are very thread bare.  As the weekly updates continue I'll be adding to the personalities and adding new ones.
  • added zoom animation for collision warnings
    • The jump zoom I had in the previous update made it felt like the battle was a separate game.  Changing to an animaed zoom is more dramatic and makes it clear the collision is happening in the same map.
  • fixed bug with infinite resources
    • This was a weird one that took me a while to track down.  You could see it happening in the previous vids - but it's now fixed.
  • added some simple tutorial hints
    • I fugured it wasn't 100% clear what to do in the game so I've added some hints - there's no way to switch them off t the moment.  I'll add that in the next version.
  • added alpha fading to laser images
    • Nothing special, just makes them look better when zoomed out a little bit.
  • added rocket thrust plume
    • This was a reaction to some feedback and was simple to implement, makes the screenies look nicer too.
  • added random welcome fonts, in preparation for group controls
    • This is the first step towards expanding the faction/plot element of the game.  For now, when you reach a planet the text font is randomly selected from the 5 faction fonts. 
  • added matter converter part that generates additional repair points
    • A new part that boosts the amount of repair points you get when salvaging probes and rings.
  • added antidamge gell aplicator part that repairs damage
    • A second new part the generates repair points - this is the third repair-type part in the game, this one is chemical based and as a result is lower power than the nano-machine version.

And here is a video of the features in action:


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Sep 01, 2017

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