Update #3

Here's update #3, a little earlier than usual as I'm taking a few days holiday with the family from tomorrow.  It also means it'll be a little longer to update #4, but I'll make sure that update is bigger than usual.  So this update's change log:

  • // 2017.08.14 - added 10 kg mass accelerator part
    • This is the first BIG gun in the game - it's not very accurate, but can deliver a killer blow to enemies.
  • // 2017.08.14 - added direction marker for planets.
    • This allows you to select a planet from the map along the bottom and it shows you whih direction to head in.
  • // 2017.08.14 - added mouse scroll zooming.
    • Added to improve the game play.
  • // 2017.08.16 - changed crew speech and interaction.
    • This is the first step to having proper crew dialogue.  So far I've only implemented a very basic set up where crew will state basic information, but the next update will include the start of conversations.
  • // 2017.08.16 - fixed bug with part upgrades.
    • What it says really - it wasn't working - it is now.
  • // 2017.08.16 - reversed order of messages to ensure latest is at the top.
    • Nothing cleaver, it just works better now.
  • // 2017.08.17 - changed collected items to be displayed as messages rather than a pop-up.
    • I figured the drop down card was a bit pointless and didn't make much sense so the collected items are now declared as messages.
  • // 2017.08.17 - changes how parabolic orbits are drawn
    • Previously only half an orbit was drawn when it was parabolic, so I've corrected this now.


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Aug 17, 2017

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