// v1.05 comes as a smaller update than I had hoped, but real-world stuff has got in the way.  Anyway we have:

 - added starting crew.  Not actually sure about this one.  I think starting with zero crew is probably the right way to go, but to help testing for the moment I've decided to start you off with one crew member,
- added new crew personality.  Hoping to add one of these each update, this one is a bit gangster.
 - added new quests to existing crew personality.  So each personality has at least two quests now.  Again, I'm hoping to expand these further with each update.  This update sees the addition of quests to locate some lost probes.
 - expanded and fixed quest code.  Having play tested a the quests, I spotted a bug (which is now fixed) and have expaned the code to handle the reward and failure parts of the script.
 - added quest load and save routines. So although continuing a game currently breaks the game (I am working on this) I added the functions to handle loading and saving the quests so that they carry over when I've finally fixed that part.


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Sep 08, 2017

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